Weingut Deiss – authentic – characteristic – dynamic

Weingut Deiss – authentic – characteristic – dynamic

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Weingut Deiss – The wine region 

The Deiss winery is located in the Rheinhessen growing region. With 26,500 hectares, Rheinhessen is the largest wine-growing region in Germany and is located in the state of Rhineland-Palatinate. It surrounds the cities of Mainz, Worms, Alzey and Bingen.

Due to a change in the generation of winemakers, this wine-growing region has experienced an enormous rise in the last two decades.

Thanks to innovative ideas, better know-how, modern technology and quality-enhancing measures in the vineyards, a greatly improved reputation for wine quality has been achieved.

History of Weingut Deiss

The Deiß winery has a long tradition. The family has been viticulture since 1580. The origins of the vineyards and the farm come from the grandparents and parents placed.

The Deiß winery emerged from the Wolf winery with new quality assurance-oriented requirements in viticulture and wine making.

In recent years, Christopher and Stefanie Deiß have created a young dynamic winery.

Philosophy of wine

“You don’t always need a special occasion for my wines, you just have to have fun and enjoy the wine,” says Christopher Deiß.

The wines

The young Wizer couple primarily produce dry white wines, especially Riesling and Burgundy but also Silvaner and Sauvignon Blanc, of special quality. Rose wines and secco round off the wine types. WirWinzer Shop .

Top locations Weingut Deiss

Dittelsheimer Geyersberg

Dittelsheimer Kloppberg

Guntersblumer Steinberg

The best location is the “Guntersblumer Steinberg”, which produces a terroir-shaped Riesling with pronounced minerality and clear, lively aromas of green apples and citrus fruits.

The Pinot Gris is lively and yet strong, with a note of pear and quince. The Chardonnay shows herbal and citrus aromas and a hint of vanilla from the partial barrique development. In the Grüner Silvaner you can taste the summer. Here you can find notes of herbs and white fruits. The Pinot Noir grapes are used to create an elegant red wine and the minerally ripe rosé with a Mediterranean style.

The harvest

The grapes are selectively picked and gently pressed.

“I give the wines the opportunity to develop in their diversity without stress. This creates fruity, fresh wines with harmonious elegance, clarity and a distinctive character.”

What Falstaff says about Weingut Deiss

Whether Sauvignon, Riesling or white Burgundy, the wines from Christopher Deiß have gained a regular place with us in recent years. When it comes to the relationship between price and enjoyment, they are likely to be at the fore in Germany. Deiß knows how to make the varieties as tasty as they are brilliant, does not shy away from long maceration periods and leaves the wines with that teaspoon of residual sugar that ensures creamy harmony on the palate. He managed to do this very well again in the not always easy 2018 vintage.

Where wine becomes art

Owner Christopher Deiß is the cellar master and responsible for the outdoor operations.

Due to the careful cultivation of the vineyards, the character that the grapes develop in the vineyard comes unadulterated into the wine.

The selectively picked grapes are gently pressed in the cellar. Christopher Deiß intervenes as little as possible so that the wines can develop.

The wine cellar with its old quarry stone vault was built in 1892. Thanks to the walls anchored in the ground, the cellar offers the ideal climate for the wines to mature. The cellar has been renovated, expanded and equipped with modern cellar technology in recent years.

Whisky & wine

188 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Red Blend 90 Days -limited Edition is a special red wine cuvée made from Carbanet Sauvignon and Pinot Noir from the 2018 vintage. Matured for 90 days in bourbon and whiskey barrels.

Event location & living on the winery

The Deiss winery offers its guests an extraordinary event location. Celebrate with up to 80 people in the wine bar. It invites you to taste, enjoy and relax.

Weddings, celebrations and vacations can be combined with a stay in the newly designed guest house at the winery. The area offers many opportunities to explore the idyllic wine-growing region. The Rhineland-Palatinate state capital Mainz and the Nibelung city of Worms can be reached in 30 minutes and Frankfurt in 45 minutes.

Further info on Weingut Deiss

Cultivation area (in hectares): 8ha

Annual production (in bottles): 70,000 bottles

The soil conditions range from limestone, clay, sand and loam through slate, quartzite, porphyry and volcanic rock to red lying and sedimentary layers from the Tertiary.

138 / 5000 Übersetzungsergebnisse Rheinhessen is one of the most traditional wine-growing regions in Germany – vines were cultivated here over 2000 years ago.

Every year around 2.5 million hectoliters of wine are produced in Rheinhessen.

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