German Polo Tour – BUCHERER Polo Cup Munich

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German Polo Tour – BUCHERER Polo Cup Munich 

Word origin 

The anglo-indian term Polo has been used since the second half of the 19th century. It comes from the language of Balti (tibetan language) and means ball.



History of polo

The beginnings of polo reach back to Iran, Afghanistan, Kashmir and northern Pakistan (Persia) about 600 BC. Scenes on this sport can already be found in persian mythology (in the epic Shahnameh). Regularly the central square of the former Persian capital Isfahan served as field for polo where the shah watched the game from the balcony of the Ali Qapu Palace.

There is also evidence that the game was popular in both genders and even was played together, as well as at the court of the Sassanid Empire (Second persian empire in ancient times).

With the Islamic expansion, the game came to Arabia and by the Mogul emperor to India. Polo also fond its way into the Roman Empire. Therefore next to the Imperial Palace in Constantinople there was a polo field. In the 19th century came Polo , by British cavalry – officers of the Lancers, stationed in India, to Britain. The first British polo club was founded 1859th

The polo match and the playing time

Polo is a team sport. Per team there are four players who try with a wooden bat to beat a ball into the opponent’s goal while riding on horses. Players are allowed to repeatedly change horses during the game. Polo game is divided into three periods, so-called Chukkers (pl., Chukka sgl.), which last seven minutes each.


Pitch and referee

The size of a normal playing field is 300 yards (about 274 meters) long and 200 yards (about 183 meters) wide. Each goal is 8 yards (about 7.20 meters) wide and consists of about 3m high goalpost. Pro gate, a gate judge and two mounted arbitrators and one umpire.


Highest priority of the set of rules is protection of the horses. One horse may not be used in two consecutive chukkas. Any threat of  a horse results in the immediate interruption of the game. In case  a player falls and the referee decides the fall is not so bad, the polo game continues. This rule makes it necessary for each player to arrive with at least two horses per tournament.

There are still a number of other rules, such as the right of way and the line of the ball. The line of the ball is the imaginary continued line of the hit ball. A player who has right of way is located exactly on this line and may not be crossed by any other player. More rules and backgrounds can also be found online at POLO+10.


Statistics and information 

The German Polo scene enjoys a steady growth and is gaining  more fans and sponsors. As of 2012, 258 active polo players were counted. According to the information of the DPV (German Poloverband ) today, there are about 380 active and registered players. Furthermore there are around 100 guest players and 80 amateur players. 

The first German Polo Championship in High Goal was held in Munich 1972. At German High Goal (highest category) championship the best German polo players battle for the “Munich trophy of the German Cup Polo Association”. The trophy was donated in 1972 by the initiators of the German Polo Association and is made of solid gold.

Schiedsrichter – referee



Tournament preface

Christopher Kirsch, organizer (Pegasus Events) of Bucherer Polo Cup Munich and polo player (handicap +3) said that with the Bucherer Polo Cup in Holzkirchen Thann near Munich, this year, the German Championship as the highest category of Polo sport, the High Goal Polo, is taking place. Six teams with internationally competitive teams, including the best players of Germany had announced itself. In this year’s Polo + 10 Magazine he further states:

“For several years Title Sponsor Bucherer is one of the most important patrons of polo and is very happy and grateful about the long-term and continuous commitment and excellent cooperation. Only with the help of sponsors such as Bucherer polo tournaments are to realize on high-goal level. We at Pegasus Events are convinced that it is of topmost importance for the sport and its development, but also for the public perception to also give the High Goal category a corresponding value in the German Polo Sport and present them in an adequate and high-quality setting.”

Mr. Kirsch is proud that after many years in Munich High Goal is played again. The Bucherer Polo Cup Munich is part of the German Polo Tour and the results from Munich are included in the overall results. 

At the end he wished all Polo guests a pleasant time as well as combative and fair chukkers and a great time in Munich accompanied by unforgettable moments on the polo field. “

Finals on sunday 17th July 2016

The journey from Munich takes less than one hour to the imposing mountains of the Tegernsee region rising in front of you. The ambiance is stunning. On a small hill of the Polo Club there you will  find the polo field. Already when approaching the charm of luxury, nature and sports can be felt.

Polo Feld

Polo Feld / polo field

You will see the field, the area for VIP guests and the area for all other polo enthusiasts. Bucherer flags are waved by the wind and all is finely decorated in white – even the stylish little fence that separates the visitors from the sidelines of the field.

Parking is free. The parking spaces are located on a large lawn, which is adjacent to the showgrounds. After a few meters, you are located on the premises. Admission on Sunday is appropriate with 10 € and children are free. (For audition games on Friday and Saturday no admission is charged).

It’s a great sport for those of you who love nature, skill, respect, fairness in sports and animals! Of course, the ponies are in the foreground and you can visit them up close – even dogs are welcome to play around between the games during the breaks on the field-while visitors and guests flatten the lawn again, as it has been demonstrated already by Julia Roberts in Pretty Women. 

There are reputable international polo players who compete here for their team. This also includes the German actor Heino Ferch, who plays for the Land Rover for several years successfully and passionate.

For Polo + 10 he answers to the question that he apparently seems to have a successful and happy constellation in the team for many years with Nacho Garrahan:

“Yes, Nacho has adjusted our team very well and is more than ten years, our professional and de facto our coach. He has long been part of the family. In Argentina we play and train regularly at Garrahans on the Polo One field in Pilar. Also all our polo horses come from the Garrahan breed. Nacho Garrahan already knows us so well that he always manages to immediately find the perfect horse for us. He just knows what we need. We can rely on each other blindly. It is a great polo family. Our Land Rover team basically consists of five to six players, including Nacho and me, my wife Marie Jeanette, her nephew Niklas Steinle and Pablo Jauretche, we have come to know by Nacho. We know each other well and play together regularly. Continuity is our greatest strength. 

Here there is no red carpet or excessive flashbulbs – there are just athletes, the team and their horses – all within one’s reach. It is also possible to get a selfie with Heino Ferch who just played or say „hello“ to other players while warming up for the next match with their horses.

The polo field is not about photos that you shoot in paparazzi mode and that are enforced somewhere – in this polo tournament national and international top players compete against each other. and this is what it’s about. Equally this is what is transported to the audience. A photo here, or a dog who steals the ball while warming up briefly connect the sportsman with the sports enthusiast!

At this point we would like to thank Heino Ferch, who lives every moment of this sport with pleasure and passion for years.

W&W und Heino Ferch

W&W und Heino Ferch

Polo terrain

For non-invited guests (day VIP tickets are available from € 399 via Eventim), there is a beautiful outdoor area, which is directly adjacent to the VIP area. There are situated public benches, tables and umbrellas. The white fence is bordering the pitch from the guests and VIP area.

Everyone can also bring his lunch including drinks. With a tablecloth, it is a little more comfortable. If you like, you can also have a big blanket on earth spread out and enjoy your picnic there.

Champagner Picknick

Champagner Picknick

For all other Polo friends there are enough different booths with goodies and drinks. Half a liter beer costs € 3, the glass of sparkling wine € 3.50, water, coke etc. 0.5l 2.50 €, meatloaf bread € 2.50, bratwurst, currywurst and chips are also available. If you like something finer, there is a stand with oysters and fine wines. Of course it is not lacking in the Argentine roast beef (€ 8) or the chorizo (€ 4) in the bread – freshly from the charcoal grill. Desserts are also offered.

Those who want to snack or to twist one’s ankle during the break, can be inspired by vendors from shirts to hats and maybe buy one or the other accessory or Polo Team Shirt.

Polo Accessoires

Polo Accessoires

children’s entertainment at Bucherer Polo Cup Munich

Even for younger guests there is entertainment. Bouncy castle, face painting and pony rides. Everything is organized with love and free for the kids.

Polyreiten und Hüpfburg

Ponyreiten und Hüpfburg

Test your talent for polo 

Who sometimes wonders how that probably would feel like on a horse with a wooden bat and a ball – for those there is a wooden horse with saddle and the necessary equipment. After a brief introduction each talent can be tested.

Peter beim Polo

Peter beim Polo

Alexandra beim Polo

Alexandra beim Polo









Polo atmosphere

From the very beginning, it is a friendly and courteous atmosphere. The difference to many other sporting events is that there is no roar, bullying or similar here. Maybe this is due to the rules of the game of polo. These are not as obvious at first glance. Moreover, the decision of the referee is respected, unlike some other sports. (The referees pursue their profession full time and are educated of the HPA -. Hurlingham Polo Association)

There is also no compelling attire. Guests are dressed very good – smart casual.

On the area there is always a vivid hustle and bustle. It may be that children play around, dogs frolic together or guests who twist their ankles using the time when the game is far away in the field.

All games and the action on the field is commented enthusiastic live. From the voice of the commentator alone one can always guess what is currently happening or that it may be worth it to pay attention now to the field.

The game also survived by his speed and what was removed for 100 meters a few moments ago, can take place directly in front of the next moment. Should the game move with his pace, panache and the hard use on the guest side, so one turns on the spot only briefly to and you have it close right. The distances are not too great. From seat of the pitch 4m or from the oyster in white wine only about 15m.

The game distinguishes itself with an impressive backdrop, excitement and utmost adrenaline when players gallop on a ride over on their horses to chase the ball (a batted ball can speed up to 130km/h). The thunder of hooves coming closer and you can feel the earth trembling slightly. Earth, flying through the hoofs, through the air and the breathing of the horses at the same level close to each guest clearly expresses: Here we are!

Christopher Kirsch und Heino Ferch

Christopher Kirsch und Heino Ferch

At the end of the day, around 18:00 there is the award ceremony. Each course and each team is honored. So as the winning pony. Except for a small respectful distance, as far as the champagne shower is concerned, everyone is able to be close to the players. Although on the court there are hard battles between the polo players, then is to feel a respectful and cordial cooperation afterwards. Even with the guests together, all more or less close to honor the winner, this day and play creates the feeling of a large family that brings together all these with the love of the sport and the horses!


Siegerehrung / award ceremony

Video Siegerehrung – Champagnerdusche

We hope that this awesome sport – where players, horses and nature is so close, in the future can make more friends and invite you to be a part of it. 


further sources

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