Nacht der Tracht 2018 – start of the bavarian style fashion season

Nacht der Tracht 2018 – start of the bavarian style fashion season

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New location for Nacht der Tracht 2018

On 4th & 5th of May 2018 it was time again. “Aufi geht’s” this year was the new location of the Nacht der Tracht 2018 at Nockherberg.

Just in time for the beginning of the costume season, we celebrated the biggest and most popular national costume party in Munich with all the other folk fans. In the new garb at the Nockherberg all guests expected a mix of good old tradition and modern lifestyle, or in Bavarian: Fesche Dirndl and dashing Buam gas!

Of course, the new location not only traditional costumes & clubbing, but also the open beer garden equipped with sun chairs, the late hour to stay and cuddle invited.


The Tickets  

One likes dancing ‘or likes cuddling’ – it was me’s sausage went full for the singles here. With the four card categories, there was a suitable party for every guest and purse.

  1. All Trachtensingles could have fun in the Flirtzone and find the right Spatzl for themselves. The Flirt & Single Ship seating tickets cost 40 € and the special for the Madln 10 € less. 30 € instead of 40 €.
  2. A seat in the epicenter cost 52 € and could only be purchased in pairs. At the tables of ten, which were not suitable for “quieter audience” prevailed a witch kettle mood. Co-responsible for this was the cult band mountain air.
  3. The coveted seats in the first rows in front of the stage, “Party” central nave cost 64 € and were sold on a simple principle. “first come, first serve”.
  4. Of course there were also VIP tickets. Those who managed to get hold of one of the heavily limited: Vip Backstage seating stage € 92, had a view over the entire hall. The very limited seats were in the locked session area and also allowed to test the exclusive own bar.

Nacht der Tracht – Brotzeitbrettl

Costumes, costumes and even more costumes 

The Nockerberg offered everyone an insight into the traditional costumes of Angermaier and who his Gschpusi (Bavarian term for your sweetheart) had not with, could definitely find one at the party.


O’zapft is already in front of the Oktoberfest, entertainment with the Angermaier Fashionshow, confetti cannons and balloons, clubbing with Dj Enrico Ostendorf (known from the 95.5 Charivari party hitmix) and all night long, dancing and cuddling with jaunty Madln and Buam.


Resumee for Nacht der Tracht at Nockherberg 

It should be noted that the night of the costume on Nockherberg is a nice treat for all who have not bought a VIP ticket. The locked VIP area with its own bar was crowded too much.

Ten guests at a bank, barely room to move or dine on your tiny 30 cm. Those who sat with their backs to the stage could hear the program but see nothing. Turning around was not possible at all. How should mood come up?

For a welcomedrink, which was not served at the place or at the bar, which was only in the beer garden in plastic cups, a lousy bread time board with wooden Radi for five people is a ticket price of 92 € ambitious or just a joke.

In comparison, a double ticket price at Käfer in the overall package is simply worth more. We’ll see each other on the night of the folk dress next year, but will be on Fridays and not Saturdays. (Fashionista and star blogger Jeanette Graf told us that the VIP area was not that busy on Fridays, so we’ll test it for you next year).


Our outfits  

Peter: Janker and shirt, tailormade by cove&co.
Alexandra: Couture Dirndl + apron + blouse (all made from finest silk) by designer Claudia Ströbele (Couture Atelier Veverl

further press on Nacht der Tracht (german only)

Abendzeitung – Nacht der Tracht in München – so feierten die Promis – Nacht der Tracht 2018


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