Maserati Levante – With Horsepower and style to the Snow Polo to St. Moritz

Maserati Levante – With Horsepower and style to the Snow Polo to St. Moritz

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Founded in Bologna in 1914, Maserati, a traditional company with a trident, is a household name around the world, driving a Maserati is an absolute dream. So, what could be better than the Snow Polo St. Moritz with a Maserati Levante?

Maserati Levante

This perfect and stylish journey enabled us to Ketterle Car Group based in Munich, Augsburg and Memmingen. Florian Ketterle and his team make the biggest selection Maserati new cars in Germany .

The seduction in this large offer was admittedly very large for us not to decide for a race car. But the SUV from Maserati, the Levante, fits perfectly into the mountains and the Snow Polo in St. Moritz.

Mistral, Levante, Bora? Where do the striking vehicle names come from?

In 1963 this tradition was established with the legendary Mistral. Since that time, the house Maserati often calls its vehicles after famous winds. It was followed by the Ghibli, the Bora and the Khamsin. This series comes with the Levante now continued. Levante is a wind in the Mediterranean region that can quickly turn from a balmy breeze into a stormy storm.

In contrast to the forces of nature are the SUV of Maserati but by development know-how no unforeseen storms to be expected.

Interior atmosphere

In the interior, we liked the sporty-elegant style very much – here Maserati remains true to himself and his character.

The seat heating in the Maserati Levante works perfectly and ensures cuddly warmth after a short time (outside temperature before departure in St. Moritz -25 degrees!).

For every driving style

The Levante is very easy to drive. Handling, power transmission and ride comfort have been perfectly engineered by the Maserati engineers.

In addition to all the technology and the sporty design impressed us the excellent overview, although the Levante is definitely not a small car.

From Munich we needed six hours to get to St. Moritz. On our trip, the Levant had to face just about any situation that may occur when traveling in the mountains: city traffic, motorway, traffic jams, mountain passes, narrow village roads, as well as snow and ice on the Julier Pass.

With the Maserati Q4 four-wheel-drive system we felt very safe in the Alps also in extremely bad road conditions. It always starts to work automatically, though it becomes critical.

As with mountain hiking, the way uphill is not as difficult as downhill. On our way over the Julier Pass (2284 meters) to St. Moritz we drove on an icy road, which was still covered with some snow. Uphill the Maserati Levante rode like on dry asphalt. Grippy, no slipping or breaking. However, a prerequisite is that you as a driver under these conditions, his gas foot adjusted accordingly. Technology is great, but not a license. Over a distance of 43 km over the pass, two accidents occurred right in front of us. A truck and an SUV slid downhill into the guardrail when braking down a bend, even though they were not traveling that fast.

Hill decent control system (HDC)

A technical development that has been around for several years is worth a million in such circumstances: the downhill decent control system.

Foot off the gas and brake, and the HDC system allows for a smooth and controlled descent. The downhill help is set / activated via a cruise control button. We only had to steer ourselves. You are focused, but completely relaxed.

Space in the Maserati Levante

For a winter vacation we also need more and more luggage than otherwise, and especially for a stay in St. Moritz.

What was missing in the wardrobe, we have bought locally. Here, the Levante also offers enough space for a little shopping trip.

Resume on the Maserati Levante

The Levante is a luxury SUV and makes you feel special.

It meets all needs – comfort, power, space, overview, easy handling, top workmanship, easy operation and enormous driving safety.

The trouble-free mastering of the borderline situation on the pass road really inspired us.

The Levante is just fun and he was the perfect companion at Snow Polo St. Moritz 2019 .

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