Brenners Park-Hotel & SPA in Baden-Baden

Brenners Park-Hotel & SPA in Baden-Baden

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A Grandhotel at the pulse of time

The “Brenners” as the Grandhotel is affectionately known by its guests, was opened in 1872 at the Lichtentaler Allee and only changed hands twice in its more than 145-year-old hotel history.

Internationally, the Brenners is known and appreciated by connoisseurs. Due to the constant innovative developments of the hotel, it has always kept up with the times and certainly has nothing of a dusty grand hotel.

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That this is possible at the present time for a house with a long tradition, the “Brenners” shows perfectly and easily in every detail. For example, hotel visitors today want to feel like they’re staying in a hotel where the whole environment, from the maid to the management, feels equally comfortable. They also want to know where the products and ingredients used come from and how they are produced. In order to create such a harmonious environment, one has to face up to innovative concepts of the future and implement them successively. For decades, the Brenners has impressively been at the forefront of the international hotel industry.

Alkoven Suite

The pictures and the roomtour speak for themselves. The suite is more than spacious and offers a fantastic view of the park.

The family friendly Grandhotel

Also Families are in good hands in the Brenners. The Brenners Kids Club is the Hotspot for the young guests. Here you find good mood with great entertainment.

In addition to e-mobility, guests can use a VW Samba bus with driver. The kitchen is happy to put together an individual picnic basket for a trip.

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My small story shows with what class and judgment one Problem like a simple taxi ride triggers. We needed a taxi to 16:00 clock to a store opening ceremony in the city. Despite the contacts of the Concierges to various taxi stations was no taxi in a timely manner. The in-house Limousine and a Mercedes V-class were otherwise on the way. Head Concierge Alessia De Camillis asked us if the in – house post office and shopping car, an I3, was also right. Within two minutes a “Oh dear” became a “does not work, does not exist”. Uncomplicated and on the pulse of the time!

Kitchen concept

For the quality of all Brenners kitchens Mario Corti is responsible as kitchen chef.

The Wintergarden

Right next to the park, there are 40 box seats in the light-flooded conservatory. Chef Joël Ellenberger serves classic cuisine with Mediterranean and regional accents.

Rive Gauche Brasserie

The Brasserie in the middle of the Lichtentaler Allee exudes the casual flair of a Quartier Latins. The Latin Quarter is a traditional Parisian student district on the left bank of the Seine with many small restaurants and bakeries. Life as God in France is also in Baden Baden.

Terrace of Fritz & Felix


The breakfast buffet is set up for the guests in the Fritz & Felix. True to the motto: “healthy and colorful in the day” it is stocked with many delicacies.

„Drink fresh, stay local“

The bar concept is based on the “Roaring Twenties”, a period of economic prosperity with a distinct cultural advantage in the US and Western Europe, especially in major cities such as Berlin, Chicago, London, Los Angeles, New York, Paris and Sydney. In France, the decade was referred to as “ années folles ” (“crazy years”). This underlines the social, artistic and cultural dynamics of the era.

Based on this attitude to life arise here exceptional drinks. They are composed of carefully selected local products and with one or the other surprising ingredient. By the way: plastic straws are a no-go in Fritz & Felix. The house values ​​sustainability. Many thanks to Julius Hilger, restaurant manager, who gave me some information and recommended a “DukeGoes Wild”.

Recipe: duke gin, lemon, sugar, tangerine jam, basil and TH tonic

Fritz & Felix is the new culinary Hotspot 

Since autumn 2018 Fritz & Felix goes completely new ways and we go with it. Currently there is no concept in the dictionary for this concept. Maybe the guests will invent one in the next few years.

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History of Fritz & Felix

Fritz& Felix is ​​not just a name. Behind it are two charismatic ones. Fritz, the curious and daring fox and his opponent Felix, a reserved and shy rabbit. The two Black Forest dwellers, familiar with all the delicacies of the region and embodying Le Forêt Noire are the namesake of this new location in Baden-Baden.

For the hotel manager Frank Marrenbach it was important that the Fritz & Felix has a separate entrance and that in the evening the garden gate is open. Anyone passing by should be able to look inside and should not feel left out. Everyone is welcome to the Fritz & Felix for dinner.

For the Target of a new restaurant & Barkonzeptes and the implementation of his casual fine dining concept Brenners works together with three well-known sizes of the industry.

Robert Angell, also responsible for the design of the famous London “Blue Bar”.

Nenad Mlinarevic is Swiss top chef and the shooting star. He learned his craft in the kitchen of the five-star hotel Dolder Waldhaus. He acts as a gastronomic consultant for the kitchen concept at Fritz & Felix.

Sebastian Mattis as Chef de Cuisine is responsible for putting the Fritz & Felix concept into action. He says that the trick is to put a 60/40 balance on the menu. 60% of the guests come from other countries and different cultures, 40% represent the domestic component.

chef Sebastian Mattis likes to experiment and experiments with new creative starters, entrees, side dishes and desserts, which can be combined individually.

“It must be regional and international inspirational. We do not want to create caked artworks, but dishes that are understood and that our guests really enjoy.

Naturalness plays an important role – our products should taste what they are – whether they come from the region or from other countries. We want to spice up courageously, our food should have character, soul and a story.

We involve many suppliers from the region, but without giving up products and flavors from all over the world. The topic of meat is very important to us, here we work exclusively with producers for the ethical aspects of animal husbandry from birth to slaughter play an important role. “

Quote Sebastian Mattis: Definition of “Comfort Food”

Urban Restaurant Concept

Fritz & Felix is ​​a self-contained oasis of dining room, living room, workplace, regeneration zone, island of enjoyment and a casual meeting place. The guest experiences the combination of kitchen, restaurant and bar here.


The Employees individually present the card to their guests and can switch from 100% service to casual small talk at any time. Malina Förderer was responsible for our table that evening.

After the welcome and the presentation of the current daily recommendations she quickly found out that we are very happy to be surprised by the kitchen. This is done in the Fritz & Felix not the master in the kitchen, Sebastian Mattis but the service employee directly. So we gave her a free hand after asking about incompatibilities and informing about things we do not like.

During our dinner we learned from her that the chef and the service in advance speak about possible Creations that the menue offers.

It was not surprisingly, Ms. Förderer asked us if she could choose the right drinks for us.

Finally, we can say that this easy way of service in harmony with the kitchen arrives very well with the guest. Personality and top level in the glass and on the plate. Dear Guest, what more do you want?

Our Dinner

Trout caviar from the trout farm Baden-Baden, potato waffle, sour cream from Normandy, plus a Ruinart rose.

Short ribs, coleslaw, grilled zucchini and baker’s potatoes, plus a Chateau de Saint Cosme (Côtes du Rhône).

Ananastomate, cardamom, sour cream, to a self-creation of a champagne cocktail.

World of wines im Brenners

In the Fritz & Felix the guest finds the best wines from Baden and top international wines.



In the Bar unusual black and white sketches with local motifs by the artist Soyoung Kim are staged.

Framed Artworks

The open kitchen area shines with an abstraction of the Baden-Baden landscape, its lakes and forests by Karolina Skowronska. The works of art were curated especially for the Fritz & Felix to create the urbanity and the relation to the region.

The ‘House of Wellbeing’ Villa Stéphanie

Since 2015, the newly designed state-of-the-art spa with its affiliated medical spa has set new standards in Europe. The state-of-the-art Medical Spa is recommended for a holistic understanding of wellness. The idea of ​​proactive health management is consistently pursued here. And all this with a new, holistic health concept that harmonises both beauty and medical services in a special way. 12 noble rooms and 3 suites on more than 5000 square meters await the guests in the Villa Stéphanie.

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The Exceptional

Today, tags such as new standards, exceptional, unique or superlative are often used. All these names apply to the ‘House of Wellbeing’ Villa Stéphanie.

During renovation, the rooms and suites were largely isolated electromagnetically. Digital detoxification in the Faraday cage is definitely unique in today’s technical world of omnipresent electrosmog.

Medical Care

With its Medical Care, Villa Stéphanie offers a multifaceted range of health care services: Competent partners provide guests with high-quality examinations and modern diagnostics and advise them on topics such as prevention, therapy and healthy nutrition. The range of services covers the fields of Aesthetic Medicine, Integrative Naturopathic Diagnosis & Therapy, Aesthetic Dentistry and Physiotherapy.

Before and after each treatment, guests immerse themselves in the exquisite atmosphere of Villa Stéphanie and the private park. An innovative overall concept, as offered here to the guest in one place, is unique.

A touch of significance

The management and employees take care that cultural values ​​are heeded and that you are on a mental and emotional communication level. At the selection of employees or trainees not alone the work experience or individual skills are crucial, but primarily the mental attitude, self-responsibility and trust that even independent decisions should be made and allowed. Brenners is looking for characters – everything else can be learned.

“Work-life integration” is the name of the solution by Managing Director Frank Marrenbach.

The Brenners has about 60 trainees. The hotel assumes responsibility for its development. Affiliation and empowerment of employees are the guarantee for unique and first-class service. We are very impressed by the “Brenners” and his employees.

A lot of at this point we do not want to say any more, except: “Keep going like this – you are great ”

Further Infos


The Beautiful Baden-Baden is located at 181 meters altitude and has been a cultural metropolis since the 19th century and, above all, its spa baths make it a fashionable spa town to this day. The casino belongs to the 1824 built Kurhausanlage and is the lock Versailles modeled.

History Brenners

On the 21st October 1872 the Baden-Baden court clothing maker Anton Brenners acquired the then french embossed Stephanienbad at the Lichtentaler Allee and thus founded the tradition of Brenners hotel operations.

Oetker Collection

In 1923 the Oetker family became a silent partner of the Brenners Hotel AG. The “Brenners” was the first hotel of today’s Oetker Collection in the possession of Rudolf August Oetker.

Brenners Lounge

On the exclusive Brenners Lounge in the Club Tower of the Bénazet grandstand on the racecourse Iffezheim offers a unique ambience. Up to 60 people can be accommodated here. The location can be for private or Business events can also be booked outside the race dates.

Social Events 

The Brenners is not only the top address in Germany for private individuals. Even companies can enjoy this exceptional hotel and use the extensive offer. The elegant function rooms or the orangery are state-of-the-art equipped and multifunctional usable.

Managing Directors

Since October 2000, Frank Marrenbach is in charge of the house as Managing Director in front.

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