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*Advertisement* Celebrating life by Blondine & Brunette

Blondine & Brunette …. Anyone who thinks this is an article about the female gender should be disappointed. Several books have already been written on the topic.

Blondine & Brunette are two exclusive quality beers that are refined by champagne yeast and which makes it absolutely worth writing. We got to know the founder Gerlinde Müller – Riemann at the Euromotor and Lifestyle fair Stuttgart.

She told us a great story about the beginning of Blondine & Brunette. There was a lot of wine and champagne at a festive reception. But what to do against the thirst for beer. Of course there was also beer, but only in the usual 0.5l bottles.

Pretty uncool to have conversation in such a dress with such a bottle. Gerlinde had the idea at that moment to create an exclusive beer in a stylish glass coat. It should not be a mass-produced product, but to be enjoyed at special locations, or events.

Of course, the content had to keep up with the design. In a private brewery on Lake Chiemsee she found the support she needed for Blondine & Brunette. She and the Brewmaster created a soft light and a malty dark craft beer to the highest brewing art and Bavarian Purity Law, which did not exist in this way.

Which of the two will be your favorite, we can not know, but that it fits our lifestyle, that’s for sure.

Here you will find Blonde & Brunette as the Crafted Lifestyle Beer with W & W 360 as our steady companion.


One year with luxury craft beer Blondine & Brunette – Places and Circumstances

  1. For us always the question arises, what to bring along as a gift. Of course, alcohol does not always fit or everyone. But we decided on the hotelier family Moosbrugger, Gasthof Hotel Post in Lech am Arlberg and Julia von Deines, Hotel Nassauer Hof, Wiesbaden for B & B, as in such top addresses you can surprise people with something special brewed with champagne yeast.
  2. Our private and TV chef Chriz Bauer, Fashion on a plate, is used to dealing with exceptional ingredients. He always manages to enthuse us with combinations or better still with compositions. B & B helped us to surprise our friend with something special. It is not just the content, but also the style of the bottle. What could have suited more to the topic of fashion on a plate?
  3. We enjoyed the Aprés Ski atmosphere every day at the Krone Eisbar in Lech am Arlberg. Great atmosphere and champagne never going out. But still looking forward to some rest before dinner in our room. Enjoy B & B ice cold in front of a dream backdrop and slow down a bit, that is how we love the last nightcap after skiing and before dinner.
  4. Whether at our exits, at the Ferrari & Lamborghini meeting or at the sports car meeting in Motorworld Munich, which was under construction, B & B was always with us.
  5. Every day you should enjoy some luxury. That may also be home. A nicely set table, a good lunch in the midday sun on our balcony and a fresh B & B. That’s a great way of life.
  6. B & B was also our companion on a mountain holiday in Davos. We both (0.33l) carried high up on the tops and cooled it in the mountain stream. Then we let it hiss and rewarded our tour & performance. Refreshment with a stunning view outdoor.
  7. We spent another holiday on the beautiful island of Mallorca. Holy Moly under the hot sun of the Spanish Balearic Island and B & B was a perfect companion to refresh yourself regularly.
  8. The days are getting shorter, the temperatures drop and nature presents itself in a colorful painted coat. After a walk through our Indian summer it was a pleasure to enjoy freshly chilled B & B during the last warm sunshine.
  9. B & B also performs well with Alex’s hairdresser (Francy Busch). The bar in his salon serves not only as a decoration, but is filled with exquisite spirits, with which he spoils his exclusive clientele.
  10. Home Sweet Home. In our home cinema B & B is a great accompaniment. The way to the fridge is simply easier than in public Cinema’s where you have to first torment yourself through the ranks. Top seats and top view with our famous crafted beer.
  11. Christmas time – Presents time. B & B belongs under every Christmas tree. Not only because it fits beautifully decorative under it, but because it is something special that was brewed with much love.
  12. W & W likes to be traditional. A picnic at the racecourse or at the Snow Polo in Kitzbühel is just part of our job. B & B score here by its ease and is our clear victor in the game.


Celebrating life is exactly what Blonde & Brunette is. An exclusive crafted beer, which fits into every moment and makes it something very special.

Alexandra mit Gründerin Gerlinde Müller-Riemann



Celebrating life is exactly what B & B is. An exclusive crafted beer that suits every moment


Some more Info:

The fermentation in an open fermentation process and with sparkling pure yeast gives the beers their fruity, tangy and unmistakable touch.

Only pure Bavarian spring water, natural ingredients and the finest hops are used. Gerlinde Müller-Riemann also declined an offer from a wholesale chain to be included in the range. Quote. B & B is not a mass product and stands for high-end quality and an exclusive lifestyle.

To be bought here: 

BLONDINE & BRUNETTE Gourmetbier - Geschenkbox Holz inkl. 2 Flaschen Gourmet Craft Bier mit edler Sekthefe Blondine & Brunette Crafted Beer à 0,33 cl
3 Bewertungen
BLONDINE & BRUNETTE Gourmetbier - Geschenkbox Holz inkl. 2 Flaschen Gourmet Craft Bier mit edler Sekthefe Blondine & Brunette Crafted Beer à 0,33 cl
  • ANGEBOT: Gourmet Bier Holz - Geschenkbox traditionell gebrautes Bier mit Sekthefe "Blondine & Brunette" / BLONDINE + BRUNETTE Geschenkset mit 2 Flaschen a` 0,33l inkl. einem Flaschenöffner
  • BIER & SEKTHEFE: 5,8% Vol. Bier mit edler Sekt Hefe im coolen Flaschendesign
  • BIER MADE in GERMANY: rein, mild, frech, spritzig, herb und elegant kommt die BLONDINE daher / eher malzig und aufregend mit einem farbigen Hauch von Ebenholz ist dagegen die BRUNETTE
  • EINSATZ: Events, Hochzeiten, Parties, Feinschmecker, Delikassen, Reisen, Geburtstage, Messen
  • ANLASS: Geschenk, Weihnachten, Weihnachtsgeschenk, Valentinstag, Ostern, Muttertag, Muttertagsgeschenk, Vatertag, Vatertagsgeschenk


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